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Sue Scott

I have learned so much since I have been coming here, so many things that one never even thinks of.......very informative.......everyone should join!

Sue Scott October 13, 2016

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Jeff McCoy

This is an awesome group. My wife and I travel from the Elizabeth City area to participate in various programs including but not limited to TWAW and Winchester Marksmanship Qualification Program. Kris and George provide a high level of safe and professional instruction at a personal level that is both required and/or requested. I highly recommend this group to people of all skill levels.

Jeff McCoy October 13, 2016

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Brenda Throm Drake

I took the Handgun 101 Class and it was great. Very useful information presented in a friendly atmosphere. Getting to shoot so many different handguns was educational and fun! Kris and George are amazing. Can't wait to go back.

Brenda Drake October 13, 2016

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Empowered and Learning

Thank you so much for starting a local TWAW chapter for eastern Carolina!! I am learning so much as a newly armed woman. I was very intimidated to begin with, but soon have been able to feel confident and empowered to take charge of my safety and those close to me. Your classes are very informative but yet informal, and you can tell women are not afraid to ask questions or feel judged when sharing similar experiences. Very professional and safety is first!! LOVE IT! Am a proud member. Exciting to see it growing. Thanks again!

Jessie Kimbell August 9, 2015

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Kudos for Kris

I want to pass on kudos for Kris Wynne!

I'm a rookie when it comes to guns. In just one day of instruction with Kris Wynne (The Well Armed Woman Down East - Greenville, NC Chapter), from her emphasis on gun safety in the classroom instruction and her constant emphasis on gun safety at the range, to the basics of how to hold a handgun, to the stance and actual target practice, I have developed a comfort handling my own gun! I am excited to learn more from Kris so I will be able to defend myself and not become a victim!

Sherri LeFever Bridgeton, NC August 7, 2015