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Kristina Wynne

Certified NRA and USCCA Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Co-owner

Kris grew up outside of Denver, Colorado and spent her early years outdoors participating in performance horsemanship. She relocated to North Carolina 18 years ago and found her true “home”. She has been a nurse for 22 years in critical care and flight medicine. Kris developed an early interest in firearms and has a passion for encouraging and developing the attitude, knowledge and skill of firearms in others. She enjoys instruction of all people, especially women and youth. Kris is a certified NRA instructor, certified TWAW instructor and a chief range safety officer, Refuse to be a Victim counselor, USCCA Instructor . Kris is the leader of the DownEast-Greenville chapter of The Well Armed Woman.

George Wynne

NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, Co-owner

George Wynne
George began shooting at an early age, growing up in the Eastern North Carolina woods. He served in the United States Coast Guard as a helicopter mechanic and Search and Rescue air crewman where he became proficient in shooting 1911 .45 handguns and M1 Garand rifles. He retired as a helicopter mechanic after 44 years. As a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, DownEast Personal Defense and Safety, LLC is an avenue for him to continue his passion for shooting and to instruct others in the safe use of firearms for personal defense and sport shooting. George also works closely with all students and is a certified NRA instructor and range safety officer.

Cole Warner

NRA Certified Apprentice Instructor

Colt Page

NC Concealed Carry Instructor, US Coast Guard Range Coach, US Coast Guard Boarding Officer

Instructor Colt Page
Colt grew up in Ayden, NC and joined the Coast Guard in 2006. During his time with the United States Coast Guard Colt lived in Boston, MA and New York City, NY. He was assigned to Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) NY 91106. Here, his job description was Anti-Terrorism and he trained and deployed to major events across the United States. On numerous occasions working waterside security for Presidents Bush and Obama, foreign dignitaries, the Pope, and Vice Presidents Cheney and Biden. Colt worked security at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN, Superbowl XLIII 2008 in Tampa, FL. After gaining law enforcement and firearms instructor experience in the US Coast Guard, Colt transitioned back to civilian life where he obtained his Concealed Carry Instructor Certification and has been instructing since 2010. As of 2015, Colt has over 800 hours instructing. Colt has certified over 600 North Carolina Concealed Carry Citizens, and has a love of firearms and the citizen’s right to personal defense that comes across during his instruction. Colt enjoys working with beginning shooters, but if advanced shooters want to hone their handgun skills, he has a few tricks up his sleeve for them as well. Thanks for your interest and come see Colt if you’re ready to learn how NC’s Firearms Laws and the Use of Deadly Force can benefit you and help save you or your family's lives.

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson is the local girl next door! Donna grew up in Pitt County and has been a medical social worker for 20+ years. Donna joined the Down East – Greenville Chapter of The Well Armed Woman in July 2015 and her interest in firearms was ignited. She continues to train and pursue instructor certifications. Donna is married to a US Army Combat Veteran who has encouraged and shaped some of her training as well. Donna is a NRA Basic Pistol and a Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor. She is also a Certified TWAW Instructor and a Range Safety Officer. Just like the goals of her profession, Donna is dedicated to the empowerment of individuals to take responsibility for their firearm safety and protection, rights, and their continued skill training.

J. B. Oakley

NC Certified Concealed Carry Instructor NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

Johnny Bowen Oakley “JB” works full time as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician with the City Greenville. In addition, JB works part-time at Colt’s Gun’s & Pawn, Inc. As a Firefighter and EMT, JB has firsthand knowledge of how prevalent violence is and the dire consequence to citizen’s who are unprepared. JB believes that it is only by fulling exercising your second amendment right through Concealed Carry that you can be fully prepared to protect yourself and your family. JB has a passion for the education of responsible citizens so they are prepared to protect themselves, their families and their fellow citizens should an unfortunate incident arise. Because of JB’s passion to help citizens, he has earned his certifications as an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor and a North Carolina Department of Justice Certified Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor. JB is a family man known for his Christian morals and values. He resides in Ayden with his wife, Tiffany, and they have 4 children, Eli, Ava, Liza Jane and Jed.

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